About us

BK's Gymnastics wear was started in 2016 by Andrea Hartley who has extensive experience and knowledge within the Gymnastics world. From a young age she has trained and competed though out Hungary. Moving from Hungary to Australia Andrea then moved to coaching throughout Queensland. We recognised a gap in the market for a new, exciting and innovative company to enter the world of gymnastics and to offer something different to what was already available.

BK's Gymnastics Wear has now established themselves in the competitive and gymnastics apparel and being recognised as a brand that is renowned for its quality, style, comfort and durability.    

BK's Gymnastics Wear follows the same dedication and focus as all gymnasts do to be the best, which is why BK's Gymnastics Wear continuously sourcing the very best fabrics, creating unique designs and the perfect fit. 

Bk's Gymnastics Wear releases four new collections throughout the year to ensure that you remain one step ahead in the world of gymnastics fashion with our unique designs. Our leotards are designed by creative and talented designers who has gymnastics background which ensures hat each and every leotard is developed with comfort, styling and performance in mind, our leotards are tested, and manufactured to the highest standards. BK's Gymnastics Wear are constantly experimenting with new fabrics, colours and shapes, so that you can have the peace of mind that comes from knowing you have a superior quality garment that is wedgie resistant and comfortable during your performance.

BK's Gymnastics Wear only uses the finest quality fabrics to achieve controlled stretch and support in our leotards, and we are dedicated to getting the perfect fit by working closely with gymnasts and coaches on the technical aspects of durability and high performance. Our garments’ high density stitch counts reduce seam splits and tears under rigorous training, competition and performance conditions.

BK's Gymnastics Wear believes in providing gymnasts with a brand that is renowned for its quality, style, comfort and durability. We believe in providing competitively-priced leotards that will excel in performance in all areas of the gymnastics field.

Above all else, we listen to what our customers want, ensuring that you get exactly what you asked for.

Whether you order by phone, online or e-mail, we are here to provide information and support. We’re also here to make your online shopping experience enjoyable and hassle-free!




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