BK's Platinum Leotard Subcription

With BK's Platinum leotard subscription you will never have to worry about buying a leotard again. With your subscription you will enjoy the below benefits.

  • brand new leotard every month form our entire collection max 12 per year
  • 4 long sleeve leotard per member
  • 8 sleeveless leotard per member
  • 20% discount on all additional purchases
  • *invitation to one of our photo shoots If you get invited then the leotard you model and get to keep will count towards your 12 leotards.

We all know how expansive gymnastics can be why not break up the cost over the year.


Yearly £299.00
4 equal quterly payments 75.99
Monthly £26.99



    *Please note if you opt for monthly payment option you with this program you will be able to order your first leotard once 1st payment clears. If you order your first leotard as a long sleeve and then cancel your subscription full payment will be required for the leotard. These subscriptions are heavily reduced to give you an amazing offer with the plan of you full filling your 12 months membership. You are not locked in to the 12 months as you can cancel anytime however if you do cancel prior to completing your 12 months membership additional charges may apply if leotards are valued higher then payments received* This does not apply to members who full fill 12 months membership.

    Out of stock items will still be subject to delivery times. Please refer to our website 

    Your membership excludes bespoke and custom leotards. Memberships are per person and it can not be shared. Orders will be cancelled if we suspect that leotards are being ordered for non members. Competition leotards will be capped at maximum 1 per membership. 

    Your membership is valid for 12 months only and can be renewed annually. Membership must be used within your 12 months subscription.

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