What a start!

Posted by Andrea Hartley on

Hello to everyone who have visited BK's Gymnastics website.

We are a new company still in our baby stages as we only started this wonderful and exciting business venture about 3 months ago. We never imagined that there is so much demand and need for gymnastics leotards. Customers who now enjoying our gorgeous leotards would strongly agree that quality and comfort is such an importance when it comes to gymnastics wear. 

The last 3 months has exceeded all expectations and we had such a successful 3 months .

We have introduced some gorgeous leotards which can be customised to individual needs and currently working on our 2017 collection. Our range is continuously growing and with the flexibility we offer to tailor leotards to your needs allowing our customers to have their leotards unique.

We have some successful club who now has BK's Gymnastics as their club and competition leotard suppliers. 

If you would like to see anything added to our growing range or have some suggestions please send us an email and we will reply within 24 hours. 

We are also currently running a competition where you can be a part of our 2017 collection by sending us your leotard design.

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